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Our Dutch oven accessories are hand crafted in the US and designed for long life. Our powder coating gives a tough, long lasting finish.

Charcoal Pan

This handy steel pan is made from Fire Reistant,  we removed the Galvanized at the bottom for no fumes,  And approximately  measures 18" in diameter and 3 3/4" in depth.  This pan holds plenty of coals to satisfy any Dutch Oven Cooking or Grilling needs.

Order No: AC-15
Price: $18
Weight: 1 pound


Dinner Bell

Simple yet effective.  Let your family know that dinner is ready with this happy sound.  Triangle is made from 1/2" round stock and is 8" on each side.  Striker is made from 3/8" round stock and is 16"long.
Order No: AC-26
Price: $10
Weight: 1 pound

Lid Lifter

Made from 3/8" round stock. This rugged tool can lift the largest lid, even with coals piled on top.  Measures 17" in length and 4" at the widest part. 
Order No: AC-16
Price: $10
Weight: 1 pound

Charcoal Tongs

This rugged tong are great for fine tuning your heat by rearranging your coals.  This tong are 18" long overall.

Charcoal Tongs, 18" long.
Order No: AC-28
Price: $10
Weight: 1.5 pound


Horseshoe Lid Stand

This charming lid stand is made from real used horseshoes, sandblasted and powder coated. It stands 2" high.
Order No: AC-18
Price: $13
Weight: 2 pounds

Triangular Lid Stand

Simple and useful. This rugged stand is made from 3/8" round stock. It measures 7" on each side and stands 2" high.
Order No: AC-17
Price: $8
Weight: 1 pound


Three legs are hooked together with a chain and are strong enough to hold your largest Dutch oven filled with your favorite recipe over an open fire. Each leg is 60” long. { Dutch oven not included }.
Tripod,  60" legs
Order No: AC-21
Price: $35
Weight: 12 pound


Mini Wind Screen



---------- Publications ----------

"Bob's Outdoor Dutch Oven Recipes and More" - This spiral bound book by Bob Kawka is a great resource of recipes and helpful hints from an experienced Dutch oven enthusiast.  You will find valuable charts about seasoning your Dutch oven and how to many coals to put on to get a desired temperature.  There are over 80 delicious recipes in this book for you to try.  187 pages with Table of Contents and Index.  Book opens flat for easy reading.
Order No: BK-01
Price: $20 plus $5 shipping and handling.
Weight: 2 pounds

"Cooking Under The Oaks" - This spiral bound book was put out by me when I was Camping and Outdoor Cooking Chairman.  The putting together and selling of this book was a fundraiser and all the proceeds from the sale of this book went to the Boy Scouts of America, Western Los Angeles County Council, Balboa Oaks District in Southern California.  All recipes were submitted by Scouters and include Dutch oven cooking as well as outdoor cooking.  47 pages with Table of Contents and Index.  Book opens flat for easy reading.
Order No: BK-02
Price: $10 plus $5 shipping and handling.
Weight: 1 pound

Forward by Sami Dahdal.  He also submitted recipes to this cookbook.

Index showing some of the recipes.