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Foldable Cooking Stand

Very handy for all your cooking needs, Dutch Oven , BBQ or Grilling { required grill bars not included }, Stand is 24" high and 18" wide. Holds 16" diameter tray to hold your charcoal. Two of the corners have a handy hook to hang your Lid Lifter or Charcoal Tongs, and 2 accessories one for your utencils such as fork,spoon,etc. and one for hand towel roll. Folds down to 24" x 18" x 1-1/2".thick And one Pan  black for Grilling or BBQ. Order No. [ AC-10 , Price complete $ 90, without the pan $ 75. ] Pan Order No: [ AC-15. alone Price $ 18 ]. 
Price complete. $90

Weight: 9 pounds

{ Pattened }.


Stand is designed to work with Charcoal Pan.  Order item No: AC-15 from our "Accessories" page.

Portable Cooking Table

This ruggedly built cooking table is a must have for any serious Dutch Oven enthusiast. The main tray is made of one piece steel. There are strong handles welded to each end to allow you to carry the table to another spot with coals and Dutch ovens on top. The unit comes with a wind screen that protects three sides of the table, four 31" long tubular steel legs and two straps that keep everything together for carrying, also two side wings folds in with hinges to use for cooking stuff such as cans, bowls etc. and underneeth shelf for lot of stuff use, towel rack can be put on each side of the wings, Remove the legs and wind screen and place in the shelf, 2 legs on each side and the wind screen on top then the 2 wings folds inside with hinges. Put the straps on top and secure with the screws. The handle on the long side allows you to carry the table like a suitcase. Dutch ovens are not included.

Standard Size (32" x 14" x 1 1/8")

Table with 12" high wind screen

Shelf   30" long                                            

2 side extensions) left & right with hinges   

Towel rack                                       

                                             Total $195

 { Pattened }.


Large Size (40" x 16" x 1 1/2             Custom order


Same parts as 32" table

                                             Total $260

NOTE: Large table is not in stock, call to order.

{ Pattened }.

#1 Table with wind screen
#1 Table with wind screen
#2 Table with Added Shelf
#2 Table with Added Shelf
#3 Table with Shelf & Extended Sides
#3 Table with Shelf & Extended Sides
Complete Table At Work
Complete Table At Work
This is how it looks when your all done and ready  to go complete table
This is how it looks when your all done and ready to go complete table